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69 weeks later...

It's king of nice to be writing on this thing again, in the sense that here you can take an idea and exploe its ramifications at your liesure. In a way, I feel that as an entry, these are mini discussions with myself in that other people only infrequently comment on them. When one returns to things that, at the time, seemed really important and look at them in a broader context, a deeper understanding can at times be found. At least, this is what i find true for me.
Yay! I got a part in the Redlands Shakespere Festival, the same as Sabrina in fact. Tjough I feel badly that she wasn't able to aquire the role she coveted, I hope that it doesn't make it worse from her point of view that after all her expirience, and my lack of expirience, she and I have the same roles. She's always really good in any role i see her in.
Econ makes me sleepy...

Apr. 9th, 2006

I love the classes I'm taking this quarter, but man! ive got so much reading to do it's not even funny!
Anyways, its time for 'brunch' but look at the tiger, isn't it CUTE!!! :)

my pet!

Up in NorCal...

It's raining, a lot. I love it here. This place is so much like my other, not California, home. There is so much here in NorCal that reminds me of Canada. It rains like in Vancouver, the forest-ness is like Montreal, with fewer maples trees :) , the city parts are much like Ottawa in a weird way. Kat's house and grounds and such are really great too. Im really glad for this trip, it was totally needed.
So, we got too pet EMU CHICKS!!! I know, crazy cool. And there are lambs and deer and all the stuff that you can never really get in the (SoCal) city. [Kat's mommy castrated some lambs, it was odd to say the least] She also has llamas... and ducks... Anyway, then there was the mini trip to Caloma, that was nice. There was outdoors, and a river, and a little museum and some exhibits about the gold rush.
San Francisco was really way fun. First of all, there was the JellyBelly factory tour, a great way to start off any trip. Then, we visited Alcatraz, and let me tell you, it was one of the most interesting, and oddly enough, pretty places... also it was the first time in way to long that i was able to be on the water (i adore boats). Couple that with a seafood dinner, a trip to get G. chocolate, a walk around chinatown and a nice chinese food lunch and that equals one hell of a jam packed two days.
While i love it up here, i also miss my family and friends and want to be back in SoCal again. I am sad that break is almost over, though it'll be nice to be back in the normal swing of things.
On Sat, for RLST 5H we went on a mini field trip to the Hsi Lai Temple (Mahayana Budhism). It had stunning architecture and I was so glad that I had dragged myself out of bed to go. Other than that it was quite a nice weekend, very chill. I just gor 14/15 o a Psych quiz and have decided to take a well earned nap :)

Element Quizzzzzzz.....

Just so's you know...

No smoking around emeraldgreen. Thankyou for your co-operation.


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I miss video games...

Andrew sent me this really great thing calles Heromachine. You can use it to visualize an character you can imagine. It's great for those of us who can't draw worth a brass penny. ::points to herself:: Anyway, it provides hours apon hours of wholesome entertaiment. I adore it to be sure. I made this character... check it out if you get it/are curious. RaiyaCollapse )


Well, I have just had the worst day I can remember. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me not lose my mind. [Caroline, Griffin, Veronica, Janine, Kat and Miesha in particular]. I am proud to announce that I have come to terms enough to now have reached coping status and that the next stage of confrontation with my feelings will commence at some later, as of yet unspecified, date. To take your mind of things, try a quiz...